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zora-oneill-credit-peter-moskos1Cooking in Real Time is the work of Zora O’Neill, a longtime food blogger at Roving Gastronome and author. She has been cooking since the age of three, but really took matters into her own hands in grad school, when money was tight and time was flexible. With a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, a good international food market and three hungry housemates, she cooked everything from pasta to pea soup to biryani.

After grad school, she moved to New York City (as one must, after grad school…), specifically to Astoria, Queens, the only neighborhood she visited where the residents seemed to actually shop for fresh produce. Knowing how to cook meant she could live cheaply and extend her bohemian period well into her thirties.

She has catered and worked the line at restaurants such Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune, and she ran an itinerant supper club back in 2001 and 2002 called Roving Gastronome.

But she vastly prefers the creativity and flexibility of home cooking over the rigid, high-pressure world of restaurants. She shares her cooking skills with friends and family, and occasionally attendees of Sunday Night Dinner, the supper club she created with Tamara Reynolds, with whom she wrote Forking Fantastic! Put the Party Back in Dinner Party, published by Penguin in October 2009.

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