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Why cook?

This week, I talk about ways to get motivated for cooking in the fall. And I discuss my new cookbook, Forking Fantastic: Put the Party back in Dinner Party.


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Fall means back to school…so get back in the kitchen, you summer slackers! In this podcast, I talk about a few ways to get back in the habit of cooking.

ffOne of the best ways is to invite someone over for dinner. But if that gives you palpitations, then please check out Forking Fantastic! Put the Party back in Dinner Party, my new cookbook with Tamara Reynolds. It’s due out October 6, and you can preorder it at Amazon and other online booksellers.

Finally, it’s official–Cooking in Real Time is scaling back to once every two weeks. I will be busy promoting the cookbook, and I want to be able to concentrate just on the cooking segments, and not so much on the recipe decoders, etc.

And I would greatly appreciate positive reviews of the podcast on iTunes, and any word you can spread on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Thanks so much for listening, and keep the requests and questions coming!

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tvcopyWelcome to Cooking in Real Time! I’m very excited about this new project, and a little daunted–there’s so much information to pass on to all the people who’ve been asking me how to get started cooking.

In this first episode, I just talk briefly about why this format–audio, not flashy video–and what future episodes will hold.

Short answer: Food TV sucks the life out of you, and cheats on time. But smart home cooks have to work efficiently and put together a whole meal at once. With Cooking in Real Time, you can listen along to the podcast and cook dinner at the same time–just press pause if you feel like you might be slipping behind.

So, listen in:

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Next week: The first weeknight dinner–simple but surprising pasta, plus homemade salad dressing.